Systems Approach to Geomorphic Engineering
Systems Approach to Geomorphic Engineering
Integrating green and gray solutions in coastal landscape transformation

SAGE ...

is a Community of Practice of Federal, State, and Local Agencies, non- governmental organizations, academic institutions, engineers, and private businesses working together to:

  • Use and promote green-gray approaches to ensure coastal community and shoreline resilience;

  • Broaden science, engineering, policy and marketing activity both domestically and internationally;

  • Engage community partners in regional demonstrations.

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Featured Tools

  • Searchable Project Database: Multiple project types and sources.
  • Interactive Map: Projects with known locations. The Map tool is best viewed using Firefox or Internet Explorer. Google Chrome is not currently supporting the map tool.


SAGE Living Shoreline Brochure
Numerous SAGE partners contributed to the content in this informative brochure that provides a helpful overview of the different types of shoreline solutions. This document is a great handout to help people learn about natural and nature-based shorelines.

Watch how communities use nature's services to prepare for coastal storms in this animated video from NOAA.

Natural and Nature-Based Features