Policy by Design: Promoting Resilience in Policy and Practice
Three topic papers that framed the conversation for a Policy Roundtable on June 27, 2014 sponsored by Rebuild by Design

2014 Preparing Our Communities for Climate Change: Recommendations for Federal Action
A web site & report from a series of workshops conducted by the Georgetown Climate Center (GCC) and previous on-the-ground work in several jurisdictions by GCC faculty, staff, and students.

Armoring vs. Living Shorelines: The Regulatory Dilemma in the Gulf of Mexico
Presentation by Niki L. Pace, Research Counsel, MS-AL Sea Grant Legal Program, Symposium on Sea Level Rise and Property Rights, April 23, 2010

Mid-Atlantic Living Shoreline Regulation Summary
Handout from 2013 Mid-Atlantic Living Shorelines Summit, Cambridge, MD

Coastal Alabama Living Shorelines Policies, Rules, and Model Ordinance Manual
A study by Chris A. Boyd & Niki L. Pace to analyze rules and regulations governing living shoreline installation in Alabama

Mitigating Shoreline Erosion along New Jersey’s Sheltered Coast: Overcoming Regulatory Obstacles to Allow for Living Shorelines
 white paper for discussion